Ravelin, fraud detection for the on-demand economy

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Why Ravelin?


Machine learning

Ravelin brings machine learning intelligence to fraud prevention. The more data it handles, the smarter it gets.


Laying down rules

Create robust rules based on 1000s of real-world fraud signals. Detect fraud while it’s happening and move as fast as the fraudsters do.


Peak time fraud

Manage peak time and real time fraud more easily and accurately while keeping acceptance rates where they need to be.

What are the benefits?


Guaranteed reduction in fraud rates

Using historical data we will demonstrate how Ravelin would have reduced fraud and improved acceptance on your data set.


Maximise revenue

Smarter signals mean fewer manual reviews and false positives, keeping your team focused on  investigating bad transactions.


By merchants for merchants

Ravelin is built by people who had to manage fraud for a living. We know what the modern face of fraud looks like and we built Ravelin to deal with it.


Fast, accurate management reports

See where fraud is happening, how much and by what routes. Report instantly on Acceptance, Chargeback and Prevention rates and take action based on real intelligence.